Kristian Kramer

Kristian Kramer

Blockchain/game/web developer, CEO, Founder, Entrepreneur


I am a young, passionate, and professional blockchain, web, and game developer. I love to go beyond the impossible and exceed expectations. I started programming when I was 6 years old and I want to help make the world a better place. I have also started multiple companies and I'm trying to better myself and learn more every day to become better. My slogan is “Go beyond the impossible”!

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Regis Jesuit High School

2019 - Present

Working towards a High School diploma.

Drake Middle School

2017 - 2019

Awesome student, high GPA, National Junior Honors Society (NJHS), and won the AWRSAY award.


Beyond Software

2020 - Present

CEO, Owner, head of development, lead project manager.

Beyond Search

2020 - Present

CEO, Owner, lead developer, database manager.

Beyond Games Studio

2020 - Present

Founder, Owner, lead programmer, self-employed.

Beyondcoin Foundation

2019 - Present

President of the Beyondcoin Foundation's board of directors.

Beyonddata LLC.

2017 - Present

CEO, Owner, lead developer, and head of IT.

general skills

html5 95%

css3 95%

Javascript 90%

Java 90%

C++ 95%

Python 90%

C# 90%

git 95%

Php 95%

MySQL 95%

My Projects & Startups_



A very big startup software company that does a lot of things.


A privacy first, fast, safe, and secure search engine. *BeyondSearch is a divison of BeyondSoftware

Beyondcoin (BYND)

Decentralized peer-to-peer cryptocurrency ran on a P2P ledger called a blockchain. Similar to Bitcoin, but more secure and faster, with a deep meaning behind it.

Beyond Games Studio

AAA game studio that creates games for PC and mobile platforms.


Weather forecast website, perfect website to use to check the weather! *BeyondWeather is a division of BeyondSoftware


A very easy to use link shortener. *BeyondURL is a division of BeyondSoftware

Beyonddata LLC.

A cloud server provider, domain registrar, dedicated server hosting, website development, and virtual quantum computing company in the works!

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